Freddy Frog and the Forgotten Birthday

It's Freddy's birthday, will anyone remember? 

Freddy Frog is worried!

When Freddy Frog woke up on his birthday, he was not very happy because he was sure no one had remembered it was his birthday. He couldn't see any presents anywhere! 

Hailey knitting and thinking

Meanwhile his friends in Ferndale were busy trying to figure what to do for Freddy’s birthday. Hailey Hedgehog sat knitting at home, when she saw Freddy stomping away over the hill. Then she remembered it was his birthday! She couldn't think of anything to give him.

Freddy Frog is worried!
She went to visit Chester Chipmunk and they thought and thought but had no ideas. 

Hailey knitting and thinking They both went to visit Max the Mole and they all thought a bit more but no one could come up with anything to do for Freddy Frog’s birthday. 

Will they think of anything to do for Freddy Frog's birthday? And what are those little mice up to in the background?

This new book, Freddy Frog and the Forgotten Birthday, should be out by Christmas 2013!