Freddy Frog & the Lost Kite 
A story about a frog, a hedgehog and a kite.

Freddy Frog & the Lost Kite
The wind was just right for flying a kite. So Freddy Frog went to look for his favorite, red kite. 

His house was such a mess that he couldn’t find his kite anywhere.

Freddy Frog & the Lost KiteLuckily, Hailey Hedgehog happened to stop by to visit Freddy and helped him to find the kite in the mess at the bottom of his closet.

They went up the hill together to fly the kite.

They were having so much fun flying the kite they didn’t notice the dark clouds coming up over the hill.

Freddy Frog & the Lost KiteThe wind got stronger and stronger and it started to rain. The kite got stuck in a tree and they tried to get it down, but the wind pulled the kite away again. Freddy was not at all happy, he and Hailey Hedgehog were cold and they had lost his favorite, red kite. They went back to his house for a nice, hot cup of hot chocolate.

Freddy Frog & the Lost Kite
Meanwhile the three little mice had been flying their kite. Unfortunately, they didn’t get back to the house in time. They were trying to stay dry under a leaf, but the wind blew it away.

Freddy Frog & the Lost KiteSuddenly, Freddy Frog’s kite landed right in front of them with a big bang. They tried to carry the kite back to Freddy Frog’s house but the wind picked them right up into the air and they were flying over Ferndale! What was going to happen? 


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