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For children:

Freddy Frog ImageJust imagine a little world hidden deep in the forest, behind the ferns! 

Come to Ferndale! It is a special, make-believe place with some friendly animals that have all kinds of adventures!

Meet the Ferndale characters:

Freddy Frog Image

Freddy Frog can be a bit grumpy at times. He is usually the protagonist in the story. He was the first one to have stories told about him. He lives up the hill in a little brick house, right on the edge of Ferndale.

Hailey Hedgehog

Hailey Hedgehog is one of Freddy's oldest friends. She lives in a little cottage with a thatched roof. She loves fixing her flowers and knitting. She is always trying to help her friends when they have problems.

Chester Chipmunk

Chester Chipmunk is a chirpy, little fellow. He has lots of nervous energy and is always up for fun and games. A lot of the time he is scurrying around gathering nuts and berries to store away in his tree where he lives.

 Mole is a very easy going friend. He can’t see very well, so he wears big, round glasses. He is calm and agreeable and knows a lot about lots of things. He loves listening to music and he can play the accordion!

Three Little Mice

The three little mice are in the background of most of the pictures. Can you find them?? They are usually very busy doing something fun. They live right in the walls of Freddy Frog’s house and sometimes at night Freddy can hear them scritch, scratch, scratching in the walls.

You can read the books and join the animals in  their adventures! 

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About Ferndale Tales for Parents and Teachers

Ferndale Tales is a collection of stories written for children between 5 and 8. Freddy Frog and his friend Hailey Hedgehog are friends who love to play in the make-believe land of Ferndale. Other characters appear in these delightful tales that are peppered with just enough excitement to keep children interested and wondering what will happen next.

The stories and adventures found in the pages of Ferndale Tales all hold simple lessons of how to live our lives, how to deal with our own emotions and how to solve problems with our friends. Little works of art are found in the Ferndale Tales, giving children a light and easy reference to famous artists and styles. Freddy Frog has a beautiful Monet-like painting of Water Lilies with his family’s eyes peeking up from behind the lily pads! Three little mice appear hidden on the pages, sometimes with their own subplot running parallel to the main story. 

Ree Gillett, the author, will visit schools not only to share her stories, but to involve the children in discussions about feelings and conflict resolution. Her puppets accompany her, and the children immediately open up to these furry characters who are dealing with some of the same emotions we all deal with in our own lives. Her visits end with several songs which get the children as well as some of the adults moving around and engaged in the actions.